The Men’s Lightweight Boat Race on 29th March 2024 was a display of Cambridge’s rowing prowess as they secured a commanding victory over Oxford by 5.5 lengths.

The race, which started at 15:13 under the watchful eye of Umpire Ciaran Hayes, was not without its drama, beginning with a slight delay after the Oxford Stroke man, Isaac Throsby, encountered equipment issues. Thankfully, Matthew Pinsent was on hand to resolve the problem, allowing the race to commence.

From the outset, Cambridge, led by Stroke Lewis Gray and steered by Cox Ben Harding, took control. Their ability to maintain high stroke rates and clean execution in the choppy waters gave them an early advantage. By the time the crews passed the rowing clubs on Putney Embankment, Cambridge had already established a one-length lead over their rivals.

This lead only widened as the race progressed. Approaching the end of the Fulham wall, Cambridge extended their advantage to two lengths, showcasing their strength and technique. Along Fulham Reach, their consistent high stroke rate further increased their lead, with Umpire Ciaran Hayes having little to intervene in a race that was quickly becoming a one-sided affair.

Under Hammersmith Bridge, Cambridge’s lead had ballooned to four lengths. Despite steering close to the inside of the bend past St Paul’s, their substantial lead meant the race’s outcome was becoming increasingly clear.

The rough water past Chiswick Pier tested both crews, with Oxford, in particular, struggling to maintain their rhythm and opting to move closer to the Middlesex bank for shelter and as the race neared its conclusion, Oxford’s attempt to hug the bend around Barnes corner before steering out into the stream to avoid the green navigation buoy was too little too late. Cambridge crossed the finish line with a decisive 5.5-length victory.

The Cambridge crew, coached by Nick Acock, and the Oxford team, under the guidance of Sean Bowden, Brendan Gliddon, and Louis Corrigan, both demonstrated commendable skill and determination. However, it was Cambridge’s day, as they executed their race plan flawlessly, leaving Oxford to reflect on what might have been.

Congratulations to the Cambridge Men’s Lightweight Crew for their impressive victory in the 2024 Men’s Lightweight Boat Race.

Official Times:

Location Cambridge Oxford
Milepost 4:00 4:08
Hammersmith 7:12 7:23
Chiswick Steps 11:51 12:11
Barnes 16:42 17:01
Finish 20:15 20:32