Mufasa and Sarabi approach Putney Bridge ahead of their race.

President Jenna Armstrong leads her crew in the stroke seat of Sarabi

Mufasa gets battered by waves along the Putney Embankment

It’s an outdoor sport, and some days are more outdoors than others!

Mufasa extend their lead over Sarabi and eventually win by 2.5L

All smiles in the warm jackets, a successful day for coaches Paddy and Mathilda

The men’s crews seek shelter from the rough water close to the Fulham Bank.

Hansel ride through the waves, avoiding the roughest water and starting from Craven Cottage.

Zoolander leads Hansel as the crews approach Hammersmith Bridge

With clear water for much of the course, Zoolander beat Hansel by 2.5L

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Photos: Benedict Tufnell/Row360