In a thrilling display of skill and determination, the Cambridge Women’s Lightweight Crew clinched victory over Oxford Women’s Lightweight Crew in the Women’s Lightweight Boat Race held on 29th March 2024.

The race commenced at 14:13 under the watchful eye of Umpire Sarah Winckless with both crews eager to establish dominance early on. Cambridge quickly took the lead, setting a strong pace that Oxford struggled to match. Despite Cambridge being warned twice at Craven Cottage, they managed to extend their lead to clear water, showcasing their power very early on in the race.

It started to look like the race was over but Oxford, however, was not ready to concede. As the crews approached Hammersmith Bridge, Oxford began to close the gap, spurred on by the encouragement of spectators lining the banks. The tension mounted as Cambridge was warned again and cox Kate Crowley opened the door to Oxford around the Hammersmith bend as a result of a wide steering line.

The race reached a critical moment past St Paul’s, where Cambridge’s lead was reduced to just one length and at Chiswick Steps, the margin was a mere half-length with Oxford having battled back into the race.

As the conditions worsened past Chiswick Pier, Cambridge demonstrated their resilience by maintaining a half-length lead. Despite Oxford’s valiant efforts and receiving a steering a warning just before the bandstand, it appeared they had too much ground to make up.

Approaching Barnes, Cambridge began to re-establish their lead leaving Oxford looking defeated as the clear water between the crews began to grow.

Cambridge crossed the finish line with a convincing 5-length lead, a well-deserved victory that highlighted their strength, strategy, and teamwork.

Official Times

Location Cambridge Oxford
Milepost 4:26 4:32
Hammersmith 8:10 8:15
Chiswick Steps 13:25 13:26
Barnes 19:02 19:14
Finish 23:04 23:19