This Sunday (28th January) sees the return of Fixture Racing to the Boat Race calendar and we’ve got some fantastic races lined up as the Oxford and Cambridge crews seek to sharpen their racing skills ahead of the main event on 30th March, The Gemini Boat Race 2024.

If you’re planning to watch, spaces at London Rowing Club are fully allocated but you’re still more than welcome to enjoy the racing from the riverbank or, sit back and enjoy the racing on the live stream which you can register for here. The full timetable can be found below with the media fixtures being streamed marked in bold.

Sunday January 28th 2024 – Fixtures Timetable

12:40 Oxford Women 3rd Eight vs Oxford Brookes
13:10 Oxford Women Lwt fixture vs Oxford Brookes
13:40 Oxford Women vs Oxford Brookes (LIVE STREAM)
13:55 Cambridge Women v Dutch National Team
14:10 Oxford Reserves (Osiris) vs Oxford Brookes
14:20 Cambridge Women Blondie vs Imperial
14:30 Cambridge Men reserves vs. Thames
14:45 Cambridge Men v Dutch National Team (LIVE STREAM)

We’re awaiting confirmation of the opposition crew lists but below you can find the names of the Cambridge Men who’ll be lining up against the Dutch 8+ and the Oxford Women who’ll be facing down their local rivals Oxford Brookes.

13:40 – Oxford Women v Oxford Brookes

3 x ~5min races

Oxford Women

Cox: Joe Gellett
Stroke: Annie Anezakis
7: Lucy Edmunds
6: Annie Sharp
5: Sarah Marshall
4: Freya Willis
3: Tessa Haining
2: Ella Stadler
Bow: Phoebe Mountain

Oxford Brookes

Cox: Sofia Bernal
Stroke: Brenna Randall
7: Rhianna Sumpter
6: Grace Richards
5: Martha Birtles
4: Emilia Regan
3: Arianna Forde
2: Bee Dutton
Bow: Claire Feerick

14:45 – Cambridge Men v Dutch 8+

2 x pieces: Start to Eyot, Eyot to Finish

Cambridge Men

Cox: Ed Bracey
Stroke: Matt Edge
7: Luca Ferraro
6: Thomas Lynch
5: Kenny Coplan
4: Noam Mouelle
3: Dane Halkiw
2: Gus John
Bow: Thomas Marsh

Dutch 8+

Cox: Sara Kalf
Stroke: Jorn Salverda
7: Michiel Mantel
6: Nicolaas Dirkzwager
5: Stijn Wieling
4: Lucas Keijzer
3: Sten Postma
2: Mats van Sabben
Bow: Olle Van Bohemen