In the lead up to the 2023 Boat Race, the rowing community was shaken by the loss of a remarkable figure, Dr. Tim Senior. The impact of his sudden death at a rowing event, saw ripples across the British and international rowing community. Tim’s joined The Boat Race Company as Chairman in 2021 and his impact was immediate; his energy, drive and passion for rowing and business evident.

To commemorate his legacy, The Boat Race Company proudly announces the creation of The Senior Cup, a solid silver trophy crafted by the renowned Ottewill Silversmiths & Jewellers. With over two decades of expertise, Ottewill brings unparalleled artistry and precision to every creation and this trophy is no exception. The Senior Cup stands not only as a testament to Tim’s leadership but also as a symbol of the enduring spirit of rowing. Tim’s dedication to the sport spanned decades, from learning to row at Nottingham University to his collegiate days at Oxford and Cambridge and his active participation in ‘veteran rowing squads’ after university.

This exquisite trophy will be awarded annually to the winners of the Oxford and Cambridge Veterans’ Boat Race, a fitting tribute to Tim’s love for the sport and competition. Its design, meticulously crafted by Ottewill, features interchangeable Dark and Light blue bands symbolising the Oxford and Cambridge colours, with the annual winners of the Women’s and Men’s Veteran’s Race recorded on the trophy, ensuring its relevance for years to come. The races which have been held for over twenty years for the men’s race and more recently for the women, now take place the day before The Boat Race on the Championship Course, this year on Friday 29th March. The crews are made up of former Boat Race competitors with the average age of the ‘veterans’ over 40 years.

Join us to watch the races and to honour Tim’s legacy and celebrating the camaraderie and competition of rowing with the unveiling of the Senior Cup. Racing will take place at 14:33 and 14:53 on Friday 29th March, with the Trophy Presentation at 17:00hrs at London Rowing Club, Putney Embankment.
Let its gleaming silver surface serve as a timeless reminder of Tim’s warmth, passion, and enduring contribution to rowing and The Boat Race.

The Veteran’s Boat Races from 14:33 with presentations taking place at 17:00hrs
Friday 29th March London Rowing Club, Putney Embankment
To attend the presentation in London Rowing Club please book places via this link HERE