Luca Ferraro

Nationality: GBR Height: 190cm Age: 22
Course Classics
College King's
University Cambridge
Status Undergraduate
Role Rower

Boat Race History

  • 2022 – Cambridge Men’s Blue Boat
  • 2023 – Cambridge Men’s Blue Boat

About Luca:

Why did you choose Classics?

Encompasses so many different fascinating elements to study, language, literature, history, philosophy and art all under one subject.

Why did you first try rowing?

Exhausted all other sporting options and thought one with less hand-eye coordination might be preferable. Went down to the Lea to try it and was hooked.

Who introduced you to the sport of rowing?

Mark Cushway at Lea Rowing Club

What are your proudest rowing achievements?

Winning the Boat Race last year was the culmination of a lot of hard work. Going on to win U23 worlds later that summer was the cap on a pretty unreal season. I feel lucky to have been a part of two pretty special crews!

Do you have a favourite Boat Race? Which one and why?

2018. A classy Cambridge crew just completely runs away with it – a proper exhibition of style and dominance. Perhaps not the most exciting race but sometimes it’s nice just to be able to enjoy watching the rowing.

What would winning The Boat Race mean to you?

Winning again would mean everything.

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