Rahul Marchand

Nationality: BEL/LKA Height: 171cm Age: 19
Course Engineering
College New College
University Oxford
Status Undergraduate
Role Cox

About Rahul:

Why did you choose Engineering?

It allows me to explore a wide range of disciplines and it’s fundamentally about solving real world problems

Why did you first try rowing?

No real good reason. I just kind of gave it a go and ended up liking it.

Who introduced you to the sport of rowing?

Douglas Perrin at At school

Where else have you rowed?


What are your proudest rowing achievements?

Coxing the school first eight and making the final of Henley

Do you have a favourite Boat Race? Which one and why?

2003 because it was such a close race (and we won)

What would winning The Boat Race mean to you?

The peak of my sports career and the culmination of years of work

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