Ruby Mullin

Nationality: GBR Height: 171cm Age: 21
Course BA Geography
College Mansfield College
University Oxford
Status Undergraduate
Role Rower

About Ruby:

Why did you choose BA Geography?

I like the human side of geography but the course can really be anything you want it be!

Who introduced you to the sport of rowing?

Martha Birtles (2021 BB) at Mansfield College Boat Club at Oxford

What are your proudest rowing achievements?

As a college rower it has to be winning blades in bumps racing. I haven’t got much else in on the rowing CV but the only way is up!

What would winning The Boat Race mean to you?

That hard work really does pay off. Rowing has become a huge part of my life since joining Oxford (my friends from home laugh at the character arc…) and winning the boat race would be the icing on top of the cake.

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