Jackson Hardin

Nationality: USA Height: 193cm Age: 24
Course MSc (by research) in Engineering Science
College Oriel College
University Oxford
Status Postgraduate
Role Rower

About Jackson:

Why did you choose MSc (by research) in Engineering Science?

I came to Oxford to research offshore wind energy and particularly offshore floating wind energy. I am deeply committed to fighting climate change by developing ingenious and practical sustainable energy technologies. Oxford is the best place in the world to do so.

Why did you first try rowing?

I injuried my knee cross country skiing and was looking for a low impact no lateral motion sport.

Who introduced you to the sport of rowing?

Mr Caimi my trigonometry teacher in high school at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School on the Charles River in Boston

Where else have you rowed?

Community Rowing inc, Craftsbury Green Racing project, Cornell University

What are your proudest rowing achievements?

Winning Head of the Charles

Do you have a favourite Boat Race? Which one and why?

2022, Oxford was just filthy good and rocked Cambridge like it was nothing.

What would winning The Boat Race mean to you?

It would mean ultimately succeeding in the hardest undertaking I’ve ever taken on as a student athlete

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